North Star Games Announce 'Happy Planet' Line After Success of 'Happy Salmon'

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Author: Sam Packer

Published February 14, 2018

It's a chicken wearing sunglasses. I have no words.

Inspired by the success of Happy Salmon, North Star Games have announced the Happy Planet line of similar games.

Last year, North Star Games released a game called, a fun-sized children's game packed into a salmon-shaped, zip-lock bag. In this game, players have a hand of 'action cards' (e.g. High five or fist bump). Everyone calls out their actions, and if they match, they perform the action together.

The simple design of this game made it a Toy Association Toy of the Year finalist in the Game of the Year category. In response to this success, North Star have announced two similar games in what they call the Happy Planet line.

The first game is Funky Chicken, which plays up to six people, and is basically the same idea as Happy Salmon. The difference is that the actions include spinning, hip-bumping, swinging and arm-flapping.

The second game in this line is Monster Match, which is also six players. This game has the players look for illustrated monsters, which have matching limbs to those described on the dice. If there are no matches, you can always play the zilch token.

The expected retail price for both Monster Match and Funky Chicken is $18.

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