Asmodee Purchases Mayfair Games and Lookout Games

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Author: Sam Packer

Published February 11, 2018

Looks a bit like the Morrisons logo...

Asmodee continue their mission to buy every board game publisher, by acquiring Mayfair Games and German publisher, Lookout Games.

Lookout has partially been under the control of Mayfair since 2013. Mayfair has been through some changes in their staff since November - namely that their distribution department parted ways, leaving just the development team.

Lookout still had a number of titles under development for 2018 and 2019, such as a revised version of Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, as well as new decks, and a German version of 1830: Railways & Robber Barons.

During this time, a number of Mayfair games had their US shipping dates delayed. Thankfully now that Asmodee has bought Mayfair Games, reprints will be making it to the US. From the press release:

Lookout GmbH will remain an independent studio within Asmodee and ASS Altenburger GmbH will continue to handle German language distribution. In North America, distribution duties will now be handled by Asmodee North America following on from the great platform that Mayfair Games helped establish. European distribution for English language products will be handled by Asmodee European distribution business units whilst the remaining territories will fall under the responsibility of Asmodee Group situated in Paris.

In 2016, Asmodee purchased English language rights to Settlers of Catan, since then Mayfair have focused their attention as a distributor of Lookout's games. Therefore it is not particularly surprising that Asmodee have purchased both Mayfair and Lookout.

Mayfair have now entered an agreement with Asmodee, whereby Asmodee will assume all of their current intellectual property. There is yet to be a decision on how to manage the Mayfair brand going forward, but Larry Roznai, President and CEO of Mayfair is retiring.

A spokesperson for Asmodee North America stated:

"Asmodee has paid separately for both Mayfair's shares in Lookout & Mayfair's inventory and IP assets. Our understanding is that Mayfair have cleared all their debts themselves."ASA Spokesperson
Lookout will be adding Games' Up's Ralph Bienert and Atelier 198's Andrea Kattnig to their staff.

Hanno Girke commented that Lookout will be focusing on expansions, promos and other accessories to their recent releases, alongside the releases that have already been announced for this year.

For a more detailed look at this deal, check out BGG's coverage here

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