Horrible Games Announce 2018 Line-up

Line-Up Upcoming Horrible Games

Author: Sam Packer

Published February 5, 2018

The awesome stylised box art for Omega Jump

After only publishing one game last year, the Italian publisher Horrible Games have announced their 2018 line-up.

First on the list is Railroad Ink, a 2-6 player puzzle game, where your goal is to connect cities on your board using railroads. It was designed by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva, who worked on Horrible Games' Dragon Castle last year.

Each turn, dice are rolled to determine what kind of railway the players can place. Each player will then write the connections on their board, aiming to create the most convenient rail network. The more cities you connect, the more points you earn, but you lose points for unfinished routes.

There are two versions of this game coming out in Q2. Both contain dice sets, with unique rules to them. Some will involve crossing rivers, while some will require you to dodge... meteor strikes! Both copies can be combined for extra rules.

Hach and Silva will be keeping busy this year with another game, King's Dilemma. This will be a interactive narrative game, using deck-building mechanics to drive the story.

Players will represent the governments factions - merchants, scholars, priests and more. They draw cards from the deck, which will pose a problem to the kingdom, and then argue, bargain, and make decisions to solve the problem for the king. Each decision will result in cards being added or removed from the deck.

While this is somewhat cooperative as players all aim to keep the kingdom thriving, they will also have to keep their faction ahead of the others. Players will therefore need to balance what is good for the kingdom with what is good for themselves.

The third game by this duo is Omega Jump. This is a sort of analogue side-scrolling platformer. Players create the level and then roll dice to traverse the landscape.

Each level will contain hazards, enemies, coins and 1up's, as well as your opponents. You can spend coins for new items and abilities. Each player will be aiming to collect symbols on the level, whoever gets the symbols the fastest wins!

Two more games out this year include Unicorn Fever and Vampires. The former is a game from Silva and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino, which is meant as a spiritual successor to 2009's Horse Fever.

Vampires on the other hand, is a 2-5 player game designed by Bruno Faidutti and Charlie Cleveland. This area control game will have you fighting for influence among vampires.

You use cards and 'blood' points to control humans and gain influence over three ages. Each age will give you more cards to use to your advantage, and will allow you to bluff against your opponents, by swapping up your abilities.

Already announced were Alone, which is a game where one player faces everyone else, releasing in the 2nd Quarter. Also mentioned briefly is a new version of Potion Explosion, available in Quarter 3, which will include new components, to better integrate its expansions.

For more information check out the Horrible Games website.

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