Uwe Rosenberg Expansions and Spin-offs Previewed at Spielwarenmesse.

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Author: Sam Packer

Published February 2, 2018

Uwe Rosenberg is working on expansions and spin-offs for some of his existing titles.

Firstly, the two player game about quilt-weaving, Patchwork will be getting two spin-offs. One is called Patchwork Express, and the other is titled Patchwork Xtrem.

If there are plans for Express to be a faster-paced version of the original, as implied by the title, they have not been announced yet. However Patchwork Xtrem, notably forgoes the "For Two Players" message on the bottom of the box. Both these games are supposedly 2019 releases.

Caverna: The Cave Farmers, the worker-placement game for 1-7 players will also be getting two new expansions. The first is called The Forgotten Races and the second is called Cave vs. Cave: Era II

The Forgotten Races is a official release of an expansion made by fan of the game, Alex Wilber. This was released for free in 2016, but was then picked up by Lookout last year to publish it with more features as a paid version.

This expansion will add new races such as hobbits, trolls, gnomes, goblins and elves, as well as new gameplay options and more.

Caverna has a two player spin-off called Cave vs. Cave, which will itself be getting an expansion in Era II. This expansion is due later this year, and there are not much details out at the moment.

For more information about these games, keep an eye on the Boardgame Geek Twitter, which tweeted out pictures from Spielwarenmesse.


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