MJ Games to Release Two New Games In 2018


Author: Sam Packer

Published January 11, 2018

Arbra Kadabra concept art.

Canadian publisher, MJ Games have announced that they will be releasing Safari Golo and Arbra Kadabra in the first half of 2018.

Safari Golo is planned to be a game where 2-6 players compete to be first to see six different animals and environment, by moving between islands from memory. Islands will be made up of six types of land with sea tiles that feature whales and other sea animals.

The tiles are shuffled and placed face down and players will place their counters on the center tile. They can peak at one tile but must move away from it, while keeping it in their memory. They will also reveal the tile they land on, and keep the animal on that tile. The first player to collect six types of land animals is the winner.

The other game being released this year is Arbra Kadabra, a 2-4 player set collection game. It comes from designer, Liesbeth Bos who is known for such family games as Capt'n Clever, Acrobatissimo, as well as last years darker Black Stories Investigation.

The aim of this game is to steal your opponents' tree trunk pieces and insert your coloured tree pieces into your side of the tree trunk.

The story is pretty elaborate. You find yourself in front of a multi-coloured magic tree in an enchanted forest. You have to complete its challenge to pass it and make it off the island or else be... turned into a mushroom? (Can we get that checked please?)

On your turn, you roll a dice which will determine how many pieces of the trunk you will add or remove from the tree. You can add your own colour or remove pieces from the top of the trunk. The winner is whoever has a certain number of their opponents pieces as well as none of their own pieces in front of them.

For more information, visit the MJ Games website

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