KOSMOS Announce Standalone Catan Spin-off Game

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Author: Sam Packer

Published January 10, 2018

Catan: The Rise of The Inca

The German publisher, KOSMOS have released some early information on an iteration of Settlers of Catan translated from German as Catan: The Rise of the Inca.

While KOSMOS has not yet released a full line-up of titles, due out in 2018, they have announced that The Rise of the Inca will be released in July. It will be designed by the original designer Klaus Teuber, and his son Benjamin Teuber, who has worked on a number of recent Catan projects.

It has been announced to be a complete standalone game rather than expansion but will likely be set in the same world. It can be played by 3-4 players in approximately 90 minutes.

KOSMOS have announced that they will be at Spielwarenmesse in February, and so will likely be previewing or talking about the game more then.

For now, the only details we have confirmed is that Catan: The Rise of the Inca, will contain all the elements of the original Settlers of Catan game, but with an additional 'displacement mechanism'.

This mechanism will change the gameplay and require the players to make tactical adjustments, as nature itself will also compete for your settlements. Once reclaimed by the elements, your settlement will be available for another player to stake their claim.

The Rise of the Inca will pay tribute to the ancient civilization by using detailed and colourful illustrations depicting South American culture and unique resources such as cocoa. The detailed miniatures will also capture the atmosphere of a truly unique time in history.


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