Mantic Announces Partnership with Dark Horse Comics to Produce Hellboy Board Game

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Author: Sam Packer

Published January 9, 2018

Hellboy as he appears in the Dark Horse Comics series

It's been nearly 14 years since Guillermo Del Toro released his Hellboy film. Now with a reboot on the horizon, Mantic hope to get a piece of the action with an upcoming Hellboy Board Gameboard game.

Mantic have announced their partnership agreement with Dark Horse Comics for worldwide rights to bring the board game to fruition, following a Kickstarter in April. The co-operative game, will pit players against the iconic villains of Mike Mingnola's comic book universe.

You and 1-3 teammates can play as the members of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, including Abe Sapien, Roger the Homunculus and of course, Hellboy himself. Explore the graphic settings of Hellboy's world, searching for ancient artifacts.

Mantic hope to capture the art style of the Hellboy comics with pre-assembled plastic miniatures. Mantic's CEO, Ronnie Renton, stated:

Hellboy has a great cast of characters, diverse locations and legendary monsters from the pages of folklore and myth. The comics provide a fantastic foundation on which to build an immersive, fun and fast-paced co-operative board game that will let players experience some of their favorite moments from the series.Ronnie Renton

Having featured in comics, novels, animated feature films, toys, and not to mention the two blockbuster films, Hellboy is a franchise spread across all manner of media, so a board game surely couldn't hurt at this point. We're looking forward to seeing how both David Harbour and this board game portray Hellboy.

More information can be found on Mantic's website

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