WizKids Announce 'Beyond the Edge'

WizKids Upcoming

Author: Sam Packer

Published January 8, 2018

Beyond the Edge

WizKids have announced the details of a new sci-fi game, Beyond the Edge, created by Ken Shannon, written by Richard Lee Byers and Ed Greenwood.

If Byers and Greenwood's names are familiar, it is because they are both New York Times Best Sellers for their fantasy works. Byers has written over thirty fantasy novels, and Greenwood has written over 170 books. Both are extensively involved in Dungeons and Dragons.

The game recruits players to fight in a battle against space pirates, after they have taken the planet Orion hostage. It will feature the “Evolve/Beyond System” which is Legacy-like in that it develops your character's inventory and story and over a number of games.

Alliances made in each will change the story of the characters, by altering the objectives, special abilities and upgrades that they can achieve in following games of the campaign.

The campaign is designed to be easy to learn, and subsequently be easy to transfer to other games. For example, the “Dry Dock System” will allow players to bring their own customized ship, captain, and missions to another player's game.

Each game takes an hour to play, with for 2-4 players, with campaigns consisting of multiple games. With 627 cards, 10 token sheets, 21 ship mats, and “Dry Dock” envelopes for player pieces, this game offers unlimited replay value.

Beyond the Edge is planned to release in April 2018 for $69.99.

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